Five Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

A lot of small business owners are reluctant about starting a blog. Some say they don’t have the time to write while others proclaim that blogging doesn’t make sense in their industry. But in reality, blogging does help, no matter what product or service your company to offer. Below are five reasons why corporate blogging is important.

1) Be Known as a Thought Leader

Good content will show the world your personal integrity, professional insights, humor, and thought leadership. Writing about recent trends in the industry, or reacting to a recent news article affecting the business are a good place to start.

2) Blogging Drives Traffic to your Website

Blogging is an influential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method. Companies that have a blog have far more inbound links than those without one. With carefully selected keywords, your SEO rankings will increase and you’ll drive more targeted traffic to your web pages. And when you have a blog, your website generates more indexed pages, which will bring more traffic to the site as well. Lastly, search engines love fresh content, and there’s no better way of providing new content than with blog posts.

3) Develop Relationships with Customers

Aside from search engine optimization benefits, blogging can be used by small businesses to connect with the visitors and customers. For example, a small business can ask visitors a question at the end of each blog post in hopes of starting a conversation through the comment section. Through the comments, you can create a rapport with your readers, building trust and loyalty. A blog also a good way to gain insights as to what customers are looking for.

It is also a space for information that doesn’t necessarily fit on your company’s website. The blog should not be treated as a sales tool, but instead it must be a communication tool that will engage customers, both current and future.

4) Supplements Marketing Strategies

Starting a blog provides yet another channel for your marketing campaign. It has the ability to supplement the business’ present and future marketing strategies. It also provides an organic environment to develop your brand on the internet. For a small business with a limited advertising budget, a blog is a cost effective alternative. It provides a way for startups and small businesses to compete with larger companies.

5) Improve Social Media Presence 

At present, it’s important for small businesses to have a social media presence, blogging included. It provides a way for your company to grow a following, and if content is compelling enough, it can spread virally. Social media platforms allow small businesses to engage with their target market. That’s why Golden Tusk Marketing recommends having a social media button on your blog to make it easier for visitors to share the content.

As you can see, blogging is an important facet of maintaining a strong online brand presence. If you don’t have the time to start and maintain one, Golden Tusk Marketing would love to help. That way, you can focus on the core business and leave blogging to us. Contact us today.

Annie Smith

Golden Tusk Marketing LLC, Jupiter, Florida, United States